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Vladimir had a hammerhead shark and a turtle tattooed on his arm and we designed this new part to integrate them into a half sleeve.

The main element of the addition is a warrior holding a row of spear heads above his head and being the base of the whole tattoo, protecting hammerhead shark and turtle.
He also protects prosperity (fish and fish hook), union and family (the braid), stability (the mountains).

On the sides of the warrior there are a manta ray and a row of birds symbolizing travelling, freedom and watching the world from a higher perspective.
Birds for voyages are also on the shoulder, where other spear heads for the warrior are behind both turtle and shark, symbolizing courage and tenacity facing every challenge (the path of Kamehameha) towards success.

The ani ata (cloudy sky) making the outer circle on the back of the shoulder shapes a sun (joy, success) and it symbolizes Vladimir´s ancestors in the past guarding on him.

Waves are present throughout the whole design for his love and relation with the sea.

There is an all-seeing eye inside the manta to protect him on his voyages and a Marquesan cross inside the sun made of coconut leaves to represent the chief who found his balance.

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