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New beginnings

This half sleeve, shoulder blade and breastplate tattoo requested by Rene is about his life and a door opening on new beginnings.
He is symbolized on the arm, his past behind the shoulder and his new family on the pec, closer to the heart.

Behind the shoulder, a wave and a frangipani flower symbolize his home island, enata are for his family members and the turtle shell motif represents his family, joining past to future where Rene finds balance and harmony in his new family: the turtle on the pec is surrounded by a sunmoon symbolizing impossible that becomes possible, and by symbols of prosperity.

On the arm, the path of Kamehameha symbolizes the challenges faced and won (the spear heads represent the warrior) and three tiki recreate triathlon´s disciplines: running, swimming and cycling.
Above them, the manta symbolizes acquired freedom and protection.

Fish represent prosperity and birds travelling and new perspective.

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