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In the center of this armband tattoo we designed a rose, representing someone who passed away, with flax leaves creating its leaf (family, like the turtle with a tiki on the shell for protection).

Ancestors with waves above (change) help the warrior (the spear heads) achieve balance, stability and joy (the sun made of a Marquesan cross and mountains).

Towards stability, help is always granted (the chasing pidgeons) by family and specifically by a person (represented here by the starfish).

The front flipper is shaped by a fish hook (prosperity and abundance) and the back ones by tiki hands (protection), with a tiki eye placed below the rose.

The two rows of shark teeth enclosing the tattoo on the upper and lower edges symbolize adaptability and protection.

Requested by Andrea.

High-resolution version:
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attachment icon[jpg] Rose memory armband tattoo stencil

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