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On the shoulder of this half sleeve tattoo the turtle symbolizes the importance of family, which gives Amos balance and joy (the sun inside the shell with a Marquesan cross in the center).
Just below that, a maorigram incorporates the letters LMS for his family members and a braid surrounds it as a symbol of unity.

The coupled birds on the sides of the head represent help to the dear ones and the motif that shapes the outer sun represents ancestors guarding from above.

The mere symbolizes respect and it helps, together with spear heads, overcoming every obstacle (the path of Kamehameha) to find freedom (the manta, also symbolizing voyages, with its tail making a koru that represents life and new beginning).

Fish and coconut leaves below the row of enata represent prosperity (and so do the fish hooks in the back flippers of the turtle, while the front flippers include tiki hands for protection); the enata are people close to Amos while the stylized lizard in the central part is a wish for health and good luck.

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