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Ascend, success

This band tattoo for the forearm represents a path leading to success, strongly seeked for by Danilo with tenacity and passion.

The hammerhead shark develops on the right side from the base up to the sun (success), and it incorporates two enata representing two people who always support him through every difficulty (the opposing waves and path of Kamehameha).
A third person, a fixed point, symbolized by the seven petals flower below the manta, supports him along this path to freedom (the manta with the symbol of the couple representing his job as a wedding photographer).

The tiki inside the sun protects this path towards success.

Other symbols we used are the braid for family union, fish and coconut leaves for prosperity, birds for this voyage that will take him to watching the world from a higher perspective, and stones below the star to represent achievements and lessons learnt.

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