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Jakub is a fighter leadering a team, thus tenacity and being a guide are very important for him; we represented this with a hammerhead shark pointing to the future and supporting a row of enata (his teammates) while guiding them: the mere in front of the shark represents the chief, respect and trust, while the canoe nearby is a symbol for community and cooperation and the chasing birds symbolize help always granted to the dear ones.

The shark also supports family, represented centrally by the turtle with the couple symbol on the shell (and braid for union) and with four enata surrounding it representing four important people.

Spear heads symbolize the warrior that faces every adversity towards success (the path of Kamehameha) and learns from each lesson (the standing stones below and the fish hook).

The tiki on the sides protect them from all dangers and the all-seeing eye keeps every evil away.
The lizard is a symbol for good luck and health.

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