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Lapu-Lapu was the first Filipino hero and it is the main subject of this sleeve tattoo requested by Frank to honour his origins and his fighting spirit (he´s a professional rugby player).

The sun behind the warrior is the sun with eight rays from the Filipino flag and it includes centipedes as a symbol of fighting attitude.
The centipede is an element that´s common in meaning to both Filipino and Oceanic cultures. The exagon motif on the wrist is another way to represent it.

The thicker and bolder stripes going on the back of the arm recall instead the axes heads which got tattooed at the sides of the chest by the most valiant head hunters.

Other elements are the spear heads for the warrior, strength and courage, birds symbolizing voyage, flax leaves for family union and shark teeth for adaptability and protection.

The row of enata represents friends and team mates while the motif just above it represents prosperity.

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