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Hammerhead shark

This tattoo was requested by Elena to represent her dedication to her daughter Petra.

The hammerhead shark symbolizes tenacity and protection and it includes the maorigram P in its head, inside of a sun (joy, eternity) together with a small stone (Petra in latin) and protected by tiki hands.

Birds symbolize voyage and higher perspective while fish symbolize prosperity.

The hammerhead shark has spear heads to face the Path of Kamehameha and flax leaves for family union.

The upper swirl above the shark creates a seahorse´s head with an all-seeing eye for protection while the lower one on the right of the shark is actually a representation of the name Petra in Morse alphabet ( .--. . - .-. ._ )

The tail of the shark is shaped by a small manta made of waves to symbolize the freedom and beauty coming from being in the water.

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