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This design we prepared for Mac has quite a complex symbology, dealing with him and his life. The Japanese wave represents life continuously evolving, the flow of energy, and cherry tree flowers remind us that life must always be lived fully, in every single moment. The cherry flower is also meaningful to samurais on account of its meaning, and the lower triple tomoe too. The turtle represents the voyage, and the lizard on its shell brings good luck. Tikis are meant for protection on every side and the hammerhead shark stands for strength and tenacity. The manta is made out of musical notes and symbols, including a "hidden" treble clef, and it symbolizes freedom and beauty (that´s what music is, ain't it?). Other symbols are the labyrinth (a metaphore of life through which we must find our path, and a spiritual and magical journey), the healer´s hand, the sun (harmony, eternity), the double koru (descent, continuity) and the fish hook (wealth, respect).

The horizontal band ending with the hammerhead shark has to be wrapped around the arm as we did in the following image:

the look of this tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Healer and traveller flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Healer and traveller tattoo stencil

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