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Kokopelli sleeve

The mask with the oustretched tongue and the centipedes on the pec of this tattoo prepared for Ivo represent the warrior facing a difficult path that leads to success under the protection of the all-seeing eye.
The sun all around the pec, shaped by coconut leaves, symbolizes joy and prosperity.

On the armband there is a kokopelli playing a flute to represent music, surrounded by the braid motif for family union like the flax leaves above its head.

On top, the Marquesan cross symbolizes the balance reached, harmony, surrounded by a second sun (happiness) and protected by the lizard for health and good luck.

Other elements are waves, an angler fish and a hammerhead shark for strength and tenacity, just like the rows of spear heads surrounding the shoulder.

The row of birds represents voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Half sleeve and pec tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Half sleeve and pec tattoo stencil

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