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Ahunga means "origin" but also "direction" and relates in this sleeve and pec tattoo to Justin´s life, from his original family to the one he created with his wife (the letters of the family members are placed on the pec as maorigrams, around the central symbol of the couple).

The turtle represents family, with two ancestors protecting it symbolized by the two manaia on the front flippers.
Symbols around them are related to these two ancestors and the braid is for family union.

A lizard on the shoulder is for good luck and health while a shark and a hammerhead shark represent tenacity, adaptability and strength and recall the ocean.
Waves have been used throughout the whole design for his connection to water.

Spear heads symbolize the warrior who fights any adversity (the path of Kamehameha) to reach serenity and joy (the sun in the center, with a dot for its importance), protected by the all-seeing eye to keep any evil away.

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