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Mata hoata
Brilliant eyes
Andy Polynesian back manta tattoo
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"Mata hoata", or "brilliant eyes", is the name of a Marquesan tattoo element supposedly representing the face of a tiki or warrior, and we used it to name this design due to its similar features and meaning: protection.

This full back tattoo designed for Andy was styled to represent a warrior mask and it includes elements for his children and relating to his life.

From top to bottom, the main elements included are a manta, with a stylized hawk face below it, a protector tiki and a turtle.
Two lizards on the sides of the tiki represent his children, each one ending close to an enata with a star next to it to symbolize their importance.
The two enata encircled by waves also shape the eyes of the warrior face while the tiki eyes shape its nose.

This tattoo encloses many meanings, among which stand out the warrior, travels, protection, success, good luck, friends, children and union.

A second smaller version has most of the elements included in the upperback manta alone:
Freedom warrior manta tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Full back warrior tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Full back warrior tattoo stencil

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