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Strong warrior

We prepared this forearm tattoo for Andy, to represent the warrior who protects his family and friends.

The hammerhead shark represents him, a warrior facing every challenge with strength and tenacity.

On top, a tiki brings protection, while the sun around it is a symbol of success and joy.
The manta was used to symbolize diving and freedom while waves throughout the whole design are for connection to the ocean.

The row of opposing waves next to the path of Kamehameha symbolizes difficulties, bigger at the bottom and smaller going toward the top, to symbolize how each difficulty is smaller than the previous one, until they disappear thanks to his warrior spirit (the rows of spear heads and the centipedes) and to the knowledge he gathered along the way (the stones at the bottom).

Shark teeth are symbolic of adaptability and strength, the chasing birds represent the help always granted to the loved ones, and the fish are for prosperity.

"Ranunu" is a Tahitian word indicating a mighty warrior.

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