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To change
Mattia - Voyager tattoo photo
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Loli in Marquesan language means "to change", and this tattoo was designed to represent a change in the life of Mattia, a voyage that brought him to the other side of the world, where he found his freedom.

The tiki within the central sun covers the shoulder and two more tiki close the armband and protect the manta symbolizing freedom and voyage and the pito representing independence, while the bird on top represents the traveller.

In the back part, past-related, we designed the family he left from, with centipedes to indicate the warrior who faced difficulties (opposing waves and path of Kamehameha) to reach prosperity (the fish around the shoulder ending with a fish hook and coconut leaves on the left).

The stepping stones at the base symbolize his successes and the things he learnt and shared with his friends.

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