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This design is called "dawn" because it wants to represent a new beginning after a sad event. The turtle indicates family, and also the navigator, travelling towards the sun and an untroubled life. The fish hook motifs stand for wealth and abundance, and the spot before the turtle is the island, symbolizing the goal that will be reached.The Te manaia on the right is the guardian angel taking a dear person with himself, and the double koru on the left stands for the descendence that will come, protected by the tiki. The lizard is a symbol of life and death and represents a wish for good luck. The shark teeth symbolize strength and tenacity and waves symbolize change.

Requested by Rafael.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Hapara - new beginning flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Hapara - new beginning tattoo stencil
attachment icon[jpg] Hapara - new beginning tattoo look

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