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Leader, to guide

This half sleeve tattoo was prepared for a warrior who embarked on a life project which will bring strength and awareness to others, nurturing an idea that will be passed on to future generations.

The warrior elements like Pohu in the center, the spearheads and the centipede are matched by community elements like the braids and the net, symbolizing unity and cooperation.

Fish and coconut leaves are for prosperity and the central trochus shells represent status and leadership.

The stepping stones at the bottom symbolize the things learnt and achieved by facing every challenge in life with tenacity and dedication, symbolized by the line of thorns between the stones and the row of spearheads, and by Mataora´s load on the inside of the arm.

Flax leaves and bird footprints symbolize family and ancestors, the connection to the roots.
This tattoo was prepared for Kader.

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