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Ceremonial offerings

This shoulder tattoo prepared for Ella includes some Fijian patterns to honuor her origins recalling the look of the masi, the traditional Fijian handmade decorated cloth.
They symbolize prosperity and protection and were often used as highly valued ceremonial offerings together with other riches.

We shaped the tattoo like a wave to enhance the line of the arm and to symbolize Ella´s connection with water, which traces back to her ancestors.
The marine animals that we included are the shark (adaptability and strength), the turtle (family and the navigator) and the manta (freedom and knowledge).
We added a lizard as a symbol of protection and of connection with the world of the spirits, where ancestors reside (the flax leaves within it are symbolic of family).

The row of birds represents voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective.
A star (the dot) between manta and birds is a symbol of direction and importance.

Frangipani flowers symbolize beauty, femininity and protection, shark teeth are for adaptability and fish for prosperity.

The spearheads within the shark are a symbol of strength while the octopus tentacles within the turtle symbolize tenacity and adaptability.

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