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This Polynesian manta tattoo was prepared for Leo and a turtle was placed in its center to represent how he finds freedom in family, and family is freedom.
The Marquesan cross that shapes its shell symbolizes balance and harmony.

Two tiki on the wings of the manta protect the turtle and the 4 initials of the family (included as maorigrams, L & A on a wing and S & J on the other).
The braids that join the 4 of them symbolize family unity while the two chasing birds in the tail of the manta symbolize that support will always be granted to the loved ones.
The triple twist represents the meeting of different cultures and the spearhead used for the tip of the tail represents the warrior protecting his dear ones.

The tip of the wings are fish hooks for prosperity while the mouth of the manta is shaped by a sun that encircles the turtle for joy and eternity.

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