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This full sleeve tattoo was prepared for Joao and it includes elements related to his history, family and origins.

The baobab tree represents longevity and it was the meeting point of the community in many villages.
The symbols among its branches are derived from African traditions and we incorporated a representation of Africa in the back part (the past) with a dot (importance) showing the position of Cape Verde, where Joao´s roots are.

The two tiki on the sides and the central one that shapes the baobab´s trunk give protection to Joao´s family and son, whose name was inserted into the trunk.

A row of birds symbolizes the voyage that brought new knowledge and achievements (the stones), reaching to the manta with the sun (freedom and success).

The spearheads symbolize the warrior who took this challenging journey (the path of Kamehameha) and the octopus tentacles on their sides are a symbol of tenacity and adaptability.

The lizard brings protection and good luck.
The braid indicates union and it is graphically very similar to an African pattern symbolizing tenacity and achieving the impossible.

Other symbols in the design represent ancestors, change, prosperity, confidence and cooperation.

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