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Family unity

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We designed this Polynesian half sleeve tattoo for Noel, and the main theme being represented in it is family and its importance.
Noel sent us a photo of a dinosaur that his son drew:

Original dinosaur drawing from Noels son

and we redesigned it following the original drawing and using Polynesian elements for it to integrate centrally on the arm next to the initial of Noel´s wife:

Polynesian style rendering of the dinosaur

They are protected by two tiki on the sides and by the manaia and shark above the dinosaur.

In the past (the back of the arm), the moray eel represents adversities faced with the spirit of a warrior (the spearheads) to start the voyage (the row of birds) that made him become a nurse serving his community (the net above the row of people) and a family man (the flax leaves right in the center).

Coconut leaves are for prosperity, a sun surrounds family for joy and success while braids in the future are for continued unity.

High-resolution version:
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attachment icon[jpg] Dinosaur halfsleeve tattoo stencil

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