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Aroha nui
Deep love

Family is central in this mixed Polynesian half sleeve tattoo prepared for Alberto.
It is represented by the turtle and by the three "carved" koru on the shoulder symbolizing him and his wife protecting their daughter in the middle. His koru also includes a manaia, which represents a guardian spirit.
The turtle has two tiki on the front flippers for protection from all sides, braids, flax leaves, and chasing birds for unity and support always granted to the loved ones, and a Marquesan cross symbolizing that family gives him balance and harmony.

The double spiral represents union with an important person who was always a reference for him (the star representing the fixed point). There start the stepping stones (lessons learnt), with the ahuahu o Mataora representing a challenging path faced with strength and skills.

We placed a hammerhead shark (warrior, tenacity) below the turtle for protection, with the hammerhead shark motif above a row of people to symbolize guidance.
Both within family and next to friends, the tuara kuri motif represents loyalty, while the tauira motif symbolizes teaching.

Birds represent voyages, and the ancestors protect the family while the manta on top symbolizes freedom.

Fish, fish hook, and manulua symbolize prosperity. The shark teeth at the base are for protection.

The following image helps identifying the individual symbols within the tattoo, the full meanings of which have only been disclosed to Alberto:
Explanation of Polynesian halfsleeve tattoo elements

High-resolution version:
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