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Honu utuafare
Family turtle

This Tahitian style turtle tattoo was prepared for Vanessa and it represents her family.
Her parents are on the front flippers with the couples of grandparents next to them to show their support, while her brother is on the shell next to the braid, flax leaves, and chasing birds, to symbolize family unity and support always granted to the loved ones.
The back flippers include waves and a sea shell for safe shelter and love

The lizard in the middle is for health and good luck, with an all-seeing eye as its body for protection, and a spearhead for strength and tenacity.
The right back leg of the lizard is shaped like a fish hook for prosperity.

Two suns surround the turtle, one made of mountains (stability) and one made of shark teeth (strength and adaptability).

The following image helps identifying the individual symbols within the tattoo:
Honu utuafare family turtle tattoo

High-resolution version:
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