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Ma´o Tohora
Whale shark

This Tahitian style whale shark tattoo was requested by Sophie for her husband.

The tail part represents his path through life: a warrior, following the path of Kamehameha, facing all challenges with tenacity and adaptability (the octopus tentacle and the shark teeth) to convert them into achievements (the stepping stones), supporting the people around him.

The lo kahi is a symbol of harmony and balance between the world of people, nature and spirits, while the lizard represents protection and good luck.

The manta symbolizes freedom and knowledge, with a triskell for his roots and a frigate bird for higher perspective.

Flax leaves symbolize family, mountains represent stability, and fish are for the prosperity achieved by the skillful leader (the mere and the axe).

The colored legenda below shows the individual elements within the tattoo:

High-resolution version:
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