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This Polynesian legband tattoo was designed for Goran and it represents family as the safe place to overcome every adversity, through unity (flax leaves and braids) and adaptability (the shark teeth at the bottom), with the aniata motif on top representing ancestors guarding the family from above.
The two chasing birds symbolize support always granted to the dear ones.

On the sides of the turtle the spearheads symbolize the warrior protecting the family, with two tiki on the sides of the design to protect them from all sides, together with a shark on the left (adaptability and strength) and a lizard on the right (good luck and health).
The moray eel and the koru surrounded by a sun next to it symbolize a new positive start after difficulties.

Fish are for abundance and prosperity.

The colored legenda below shows the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian Tahitian family legband tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Goran tahitian legband family tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Goran tahitian legband family tattoo stencil

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