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The main central element in this Polynesian half sleeve tattoo designed for Raimund is the taniwha representing the warrior, protection and guidance.
It is backed by the shark symbolizing strength and adaptability, by the two tiki on the sides bringing protection from all directions and by the all-seeing eye to keep evil away.
It protects his marriage (the couple centrally within its tail) and family (the turtle next to the shark with a Marquesan cross to symbolize harmony).
The elements on the sides of the taniwha represent friends and ancestors.
The crest is made of coconut leaves for prosperity and success, while the rows of birds represent voyages and getting to see the world from a higher perpective (the path of Kamehameha represents the challenges met on the path to success).
The flight of the albatross symbolize long voyages.

Other elements of the tattoo are the lizard on the left, for protection, health and good luck, the manta on the right for freedom and beauty, and the sea urchin below the lizard for duality.

The stepping stones at the base are achievements reached on the path to knowledge, with spearheads to represent dedication along this difficult path.

The centipede on top and the warrior inside the shark (guiding other people) show Raimund´s fighting spirit and his leading nature.
Fish and fish hook are symbols of prosperity and shark teeth are for strength and protection.

The colored legenda below shows the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian Tahitian taniwha halfsleeve tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Taniwha halfsleeve tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Taniwha halfsleeve tattoo stencil

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