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A sun, a turtle, and a manta were chosen to be the main elements of this Polynesian thigh tattoo preparaed for Wolfgang.

The sun on top symbolizes joy, happiness, and success. The Marquesan cross inside it is for harmony and balance, related to people: the enata within the sun are all similar but different from each other, to represent the uniqueness of each person.

The turtle symbolizes family and long life, with the couple symbol in it to represent Wolfgang and his wife, a manta next to them to symbolizes passion and beauty, and braids and flax leaves for unity.
The tiki on the front flippers protect them from all sides and the fish hook in the back flipper is for prosperity.

The lizard symbolizes intuition and protection, with a path of Kamehameha to represent challenges faced with tenacity and adaptability (the shark teeth and octopus tentacle) to reach success.
The row of birds represents voyages and also air, while the waves are for water, and the mountains for land.

The colored legenda below helps spotting the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian thigh tattoo piece

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Ha'aupurupuru thigh tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Ha'aupurupuru thigh tattoo stencil

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