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Inner self

The main elements of this calf tattoo are three: the turtle for family, the manta ray for freedom, and the hammerhead shark for the warrior.
They are arranged to follow the muscle lines of Stefano, for whom the tattoo was prepared.

The turtle includes the couple in the center, with flax leaves, braids (family union) and the marquesan cross (harmony), and with tiki on the front fins for protection.
The enatas near the turtle represent his family members, while the net and the lokahi symbol at the top represent sharing and the balance that comes from it.
They´re surrounded by a sun as a symbol of joy and eternity.

The manta symbolizes freedom and knowledge.
Shark teeth are symbols of protection and adaptability, and waves represent change.
Spearheads indicate the warrior, and fighting for what we believe in.
The shark swims through a motif of mataora´s steps that symbolizes continuous improvement by facing each challenge with determination.

The waves and mountains recall his land.

The following image helps identifying the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian calf tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Stefano calf Polynesian tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Stefano calf Polynesian tattoo stencil

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