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New life

This Polynesian styled tattoo that recalls two wings was prepared for Maddalena and her husband, and the two parts composing it go onto their collarbones, mirroring each other (one half is more masculine, the other more feminine).

Both drawings begin with the path of Kamehameha, which indicates a difficult path, faced with tenacity and adaptability (shark teeth and octopus tentacles are present in both drawings).
The waves represent change, with a hammerhead shark as a symbol of tenacity, spearheads for the warrior, and the hand of tiki for protection.

The flight of the albatross represents the long journey undertaken together (with man and woman coming together to form the symbol of the couple) toward a common goal (the star), which has brought a new life (the koru).
The ipu symbolizes fertility, the mother, and the all-seeing eye represents the protector, with a sun around it to symbolize joy.

The color legenda below helps identifying the individual elements of the tattoo:
New life and couple polynesian tattoo

High-resolution version:
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