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Manta ray

This Polynesian tattoo of a manta was prepared for Kavishti and it´s dedicated to his daughter and the bond they share

The central turtle represents his daughter, with a flower of hibiscus on the shell to symbolize beauty and living every moment fully, and surrounded by a sun to symbolize her joy and outgoing nature.

Braids symbolize union, and between them and the turtle we placed a maorigram of her name on one side, and elements related to her personality on the other.
She is protected from all sides by the two tiki on the tips of the wings and by the hammerhead shark that shapes the tail of the manta, representing the warrior.

Mountains represent stability, fish mean prosperity, and the chasing birds are support always granted.
The star in front of the manta is a symbol of direction, while shark teeth symbolize protection and adaptability.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian manta ray tattoo

High-resolution version:
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