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In the sun

This Polynesian sleeve tattoo designed for Dan has 5 main elements that impose themselves above all the rest: a turtle, a sun, a manta, a hammerhead shark, and two tiki.

The turtle represents family, protected by the warrior on the shell next to the two ipu symbolizing life and fertility, with flax leaves for family union.
The front flippers have koru for new life, fish hooks for prosperity, and shark teeth for protection.
It´s close to the sun that incorporates a lokahi symbol and a Marquesan cross to represent harmony and balance with nature, on top for their importance.
Braids and coconut leaves symbolize union and prosperity.

The hammerhead shark represents tenacity in facing every challenge (the path of Kamehameha and the defeated enemies) in order to start the voyage (the row of birds and the flight of the albatross) that leads to freedom (the manta that includes shark teeth for adaptability and strength, and a flower of hibiscus to symbolize beauty and living every moment fully).
The centipede next to it symbolizes fighting spirit in protecting freedom.
The all-seeing eye keeps all evil at bay and the two tiki on the sides bring protection from all directions.

The central spearheads and octopus tentacles also symbolize the warrior and the stepping stones at the base symbolize achievements along the voyage of life, shared with friends and collegues.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian warrior sleeve tattoo

High-resolution version:
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