Last Revised: September 28, 2018

In a few words, all the designs on are freely downloadable.
It is possible to download them and use them for personal use, which means using them as a starting point to create your tattoos, but you can´t use them to earn money (e.g resell them) or for professional and commercial use.

They can not be republished without explicit consent from us (you can ask by email at [email protected]) and without reporting TattooTribes as the source.

This what can´t be done... and now what you should not do:
the published designs should not be used as they are, unless they´ve been prepared for you (and we have a specific section for sending requests: Send your request here to win your tattoo).
All the designs and their meanings are published to be an inspiration, to give ideas on how your tattoo could look like, and what elements could be used... a tattoo is always very personal and tells the story of the person for whom it was prepared!

For any doubt, or enquiry, just email us (for tattoo requests go here instead)

...and have a great tattoo!