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Can I really download the tattoos for free?

Yes. You can download and use them however you like to, as far as you don´t make money out of them: like many freeware programs, they´re free for personal, non commercial use. Otherwise, you can use them commercially only under specific consent from their authors, under the conditions established by them.
We ask you though, or at least suggest you, to modify the designs according to your taste, customizing them as you like... this way every design, yours included, will remain unique and personal!

How can I create my own tattoos?

Very easily, following the steps in this tutorial in our blog section!

We also wrote a book that explains Polynesian symbols, their meanings and how to use them:
The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook.
Check the free preview here!

Can I request a custom tattoo?

Of course you can!

There are two possible ways:
  • order your design on a commission basis.
    send us a description of the design you dream of from this page and we´ll give you a quote on preparation time and cost.
  • try and win it with ouf free Lotto
    send your request from our requests page and it will be added to the upcoming lottery. Every Sunday we pick three random requests from the ones of the week and we prepare them within the specified time, for free.
See you!

What are car-tattoos?

They´re vector graphics tattoos, which means they can endlessly be zoomed without loosing definition, and result then in perfect images for maxi-format prints, with easily changeable colors.
Printed ad oversized stickers, they can be used to decorate a car, giving it a personal touch.

Where can I print car-tattoos?

There´s a digital prints shop in every town nowadays. But if you want to do it on the web, you can try:
  • Pixart (cash on delivery, bank remittance and credit card accepted)

How can I join the artists section?

Send us your full data with a logo image (max 200x50 px) and up to 2 photos (max 200x200 px), at least one hi-res tattoo to be added to our gallery, and if it´s accepted, welcome among the artists!
You should send your mail to:
specifying as the subject of your mail:  new tattoo
In the body of the mail you must specify under your responsibility you have not sent copyright covered images, holding yourself responsible of it. No mails will be accepted without this statement.
Accepted tattoos remain yours, but you accept to let people download them and use them for their personal use. For commercial use users still have to contact you for permission, under your conditions.
The more tattoos, the higher in our artists list

Can I help TattooTribes?

Do you like Spread the word!
If you have friends who love tattoos, tell 'em about our page and they'll surely thank you for that!

All of the published designs are freely available in hi-res to give you ideas when creating your own designs, not to be used as they are... remember that each of them has a specific meaning that tells someone else's story and by studying them you will find the ideas to create your own personal tattoo, so that all of them will remain absolutely unique!

The book is simply awesome... will definitely draw inspiration from it for my new tattoo - Ray, Kuala Lumpur

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