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Manawa tattoo photo
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November 28th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Manawa means heart. This design wants to symbolize interiority, and inner changes. The hammerhead shark represents strength and tenacity, and it has a wavy shape to symbolize that the path to freedom is not straight or easy. Family (the turtle) can help out of dark moments, like a guardian angel (te manaia). The manta symbolize freedom andbeauty, and the fern is a symbol of wisdom and maturity.

Prepared for Anne.

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manawa heart hammerhead shark turtle te manaia manta fern innermost strength tenacity family protection freedom beauty

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 Thank you so much for this magnificent design you have created for me. It contains all the major meanings which are very important to me. Having it inked means I´m not only having this beautiful design attached to me, the meanings of it is also going to remind me what I´ve been looking for throughout my whole life. You´re the best, GiErre, love you for that! 
  by Anne
 Thanks again for this marvellous design my dearly friend. I hope you´ve been well...Tunzaluv :) xx   
  by Anne
[GiErre: you´re always welcome, you know!]
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