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Tattoo of Polynesian Tattoos 101

Course logo

by GiErre »
2023, Jun 8th
HI-RES [jpg]


To celebrate our video course we explain today the logo and its meanings.

aso - flight of the albatross
The line that encloses the top part of the design represents unity in knowledge (the path to knowledge below)
path to knowledge
and it wants to symbolize the community united by the same path (the line also recalls the flight of the albatross, a long voyage with safe return), which brings a new perspective on the world (the frigate bird):
frigate bird
This voyage is protected by the ancestors represented by the two tiki looking in opposite directions
protector tiki
which also shape a tiki in the middle looking straight.
They also guard upon the lokahi and kumu symbols, representing balance and harmony with nature, and origins, two of the pillars of Polynesian cultures:
lo kahi and kumu
The waves below the name represent the ocean and the life in it, with shark teeth for protection:
They are the source of all life (te ha) and also represent change, while stepping stones and the octopus tentacle symbolize the tenacity to reach great achievements:
breath of life and stepping stones


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