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Warrior tiki tattoo photo
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Warrior tiki

April 4th, 2023
  Author: GiErre

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Yonathan liked a warrior tiki we designed in the past as it resonated with him, and this similar tattoo was prepared for him, redesigned to match his own story.

The warrior holds a spear (strength, courage) and a spiral-shaped shield with a sun (eternity, positivity) and his legs are made of an octopus tentacle (adaptability and tenacity) facing opposing waves, while the feet are tiki eyes for protection.

The spiral within the shield shapes a turtle as a symbol of family, central and protected, and the three dots symbolize the importance of his three children.

The colored image below shows the main elements within the tattoo:
Small Polynesian warrior tiki tattoo

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tiki warrior turtle sun spearheads shield waves spearheads dots protection family joy children strength adaptability tenacity

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