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Hawaii on my mind tattoo photo
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Hawaii on my mind
Sea, fun, family

January 3rd, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Brad met his wife in Hawaii and now he goes back there every year with her and their son, for the joy of living in that wonderful sea.

The manta symbolizes the beauty of Hawaii islands (the inner motif is a traditional one), and the waves symbolize the ocean that surrounds them all around. The armband on the bottom too symbolizes the sea of Hawaii and the three peaks of the main island. Frigate birds travel from far every year to return to their nests, like Brad goes back there every year with his wife and son. The joined spirals of the tail of the manta represent their meeting, the dolphin is for game and joy and inside of it the turtle is for family. The fish hook, or matau, is a symbol of wealth, to fish their own island from the sea like Maui did once. The gecko is a symbol of health and protection, like the two tikis on both sides.

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