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Polynesian Trinacria tattoo photo
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Polynesian Trinacria
Sicily, fertility

April 6th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The triskell used as a basis for the symbol of Trinacria (three promontories, from the Greek), or Sicily, is made up of a triple legged spiral, stylized here with waves motifs to underline the bond between the land and the surrounding sea. The original design has a woman´s head in the middle, with ears of wheat to symbolize fertility. We therefore decided to use a tiki to represent this, being the tiki a symbol of protection and fertility. Wings represent, in this design, the eternal flow of time.

Based on a request by Veronica.

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 I liked the design that much that I had it tattoed on my left arm :-) 
  by Ton Akveld
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