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Triskell tattoo photo
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August 1st, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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The center of this tattoo represents triathlon, with a stylized runner, waves and bike radiuses surrounded by a sun for positivity and success and by the maorigrams of the letters J, M and S.

The triskell that shapes the tattoo is a symbol of eternity and union of the elements.

The upper left branch of the triskell includes a hammerhead shark with a scuba diver, shark teeth for protection and a sea shell for love.

The upper right branch has a kitesurfer in it, waves, spearheads for courage and warrior, with the kite made by a manta (freedom).

The lower branch includes a tiki eye (protection), two birds chasing each other (help) and mountains (stability) protecting the turtle (family).

Lizard triskell tshirtLizard triskell tshirtTribal design by
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triskell triathlon runner waves bike hammerhead shark kiter surfer scuba diver spearheads turtle manta tiki maorigrams love passion athlete freedom balance stability protection

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