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Haida snake tattoo photo
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Haida snake
Magic, healing

May 31st, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The snake is an animal revered by many cultures. Its ability to renew itself by changing its skin made it often become a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

Shamans of American tribes respected it, and believed it to communicate to the gods, and to have healing powers.

In some occasions, a rattlesnake tail was used to symbolize the death and rebirth of the person for whom a rhyte was held.

The wolf, owl and bear too are sacred animals, symbolizing resistance, magic and strength.

Requested by Matt to go spiraling around his arm.

We prepared a colour version and the related version in shades of grey.

Tribal snake tshirtTribal snake tshirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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snake haida rattlesnake indians native americans shamanic magic healing medicine rebirth fertility transformation communication to the gods

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 Absolutely terrific! Superb integration of the Haida style!  Thank you so much, I will definitly have this inked! 
  by Matt
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