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Peacock and lotus flowers tattoo photo
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Peacock and lotus flowers
Beauty, rebirth

July 1st, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The peacock is the bird that most closely resembles the legendary phoenix, and that´s why one of its meanings is just rebirth, life in its wholeness.

Its wonderful feathers though leave no doubt on which is its main meaning: beauty. In India, peacocks are also considered a symbol of everlasting love.

Lotus flowers are symbols of perfection, and of the strength to overcome difficulties, a sign of hope.

This design that goes round the ankle and onto the foot was requested by Kelsey.

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peacock lotus feathers flowers beauty life wholeness hope strength everlasting love overcoming difficulties Kelsey

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 Me encanta!!! es precioso!!!! ;-D 
  by Sole
 I love this tattoo & wud love 2 have it done. Is there any way 2 see how it wraps around foot??? 
  by Guest
 i´m way diggin it 
  by missmeliss
 Hi !  I really like this drawing and was wondering if I could use it for my tattoo ?!  Thank you,  Laura.   
  by Laura
[TT: all of our designs are published to give inspiration... don´t forget to change it to make your own tattoo!]
 Loved it so much I had to have it! Very symbolic to where I am in my life right now...a million thanks Gi  Lesa 
  by Lesa
 This tattoo is very unique and expressive... love it!  
  by Abby Kellum
 Wow holy sh*t I have been looking for a tattoo to symbolize my wonderful union to the man who completes me ... corny I know, but not as corny as names lol. Our wedding is a Peacock theme and I didn´t even know about the symbolism!! That just rocks my world. I can´t express how much I adore this tat (it´s stunning) and you for posting it and the explanation. Bless your heart of hearts!!  
  by Mysty Nickel
 I love it. It´s perfect! 
  by nicoledelilah
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