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Ganesha tattoo photo
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Prosperity, luck

July 12th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Kiran requested a Maori styled version of Ganesha, the Hindu god of prosperity and good luck.

In Ganesha´s drawings, almost nothing is left to chance: he has big ears (listen more) and small mouth (talk less), small eyes (concentration) and big head (think much), and a trunk to symbolize efficiency and adaptability.

The only tusk symbolizes keeping the good things and leaving the bad, and the big stomach is for peacefully digesting both the good and the bad in life.

The four hands have yet other meanings: one holds an axe to cut all bonds of attachment, one holds a rope, and often a lotus flower too, to drag the final goal near, the third one has a bowl of food to symbolize abundance and that to have we only have to ask, and the fourth one gives a blessing. The fingers of this last one have been set to form the headletters of Kiran´s sons, K and A, so that the blessing of the god will be upon them.

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ganesha god good wish virtues listen see think blessing protection peace adaptability

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 I Love this tattoo. I downloaded it and tweaked it some and it is amazing. Thank you so much for this design. 
  by Joe
 great design  
  by kambiz
 I´m so proud to have this design done! I hope Kiran wouldn´t mind ;) 
  by Anne
  by claus
  by chris
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