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Whanau tattoo photo
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August 12th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Giampietro requested a Maori styled half sleeve showing the important things for him, to honour the birth of his son, containing a koru (new life), a turtle (family), an adult fern (maturity), the sun (life, eternity) and the letters S, A, G.

The bigger sun contains the whole design as a wish for eternity and long lasting, and in the middle the turtle symbolizes the importance of family, and of his son (the koru on the shell inside the smaller sun), reached at the end of a maturation path.

The tikis on the sides and the gecko are elements of protection and health, and the fish hooks stand for abundance.

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whanau sun turtle koru gecko fish hooks eternity family maturity protection health abundance

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 This is awesome! 
  by bonewoman
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