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Emperor penguins tattoo photo
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Emperor penguins

September 8th, 2009
  Author: picchio

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Jenna requested a Maori styled tattoo of an emperor penguin to remind her of Antarctica, a place where she spent a period of her life, and which fascinated her.

We also prepared a second version with two joined penguins shapeing a heart to symbolize a characteristic of this animal: devotion. Devotion towards the mate and towards the babies (in this case pictured by a koru, a symbol of new life).

Waves motifs remark continuity through change.

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penguin emperor antarctica union devotion continuity change

permalink: https://www.tattootribes.com/index.php?idinfo=1899

 I love this Gi and Picchio! Just had it done and am thrilled with the result. Will email pics to you ASAP!  Love Jenna xxx   
  by Jenna Kelley
[picchio: love U too! ;D ...can´t wait to see it]
 I LOVE this tattoo...I´ve been trying to come up with a new tattoo idea and this has so much meaning to me...I plan on getting it within a month! Thank you so much for a wonderful design and wonderful website. 
  by Richelle
 I LoVe it!! My husband knows that I love penguins, so on our last trip to TN he bought my mom, sister, and us a pass to the penguin playhouse. We got to hold a penguin and get our picture made with one. While we were getting our pic made he got down on one knee and proposed out of no where! Once i saw this tat i knew it was the one i wanted!! I cant wait to upload a picture =]   
  by Danielle
[TT: so do we! :)]
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