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Rasta Kokopelli tattoo photo
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Rasta Kokopelli
Music, voyage

April 11th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Kokopelli is a Native American figure of a man that represents the travelling musician (often a shaman and a medicine man) who moved from village to village to bring tales, news, and advice.

He symbolizes travelling, music and fertility.

Kokopelli traditionally plays a flute, but Ragne requested a version with a rasta kokopelli playing djembe.

Kokopelli tshirtKokopelli tshirtNative American traditional design
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kokopelli music fertility traveller shaman djembe drum

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 i got this one 2 days ago and its great. thanx.   
  by kokopelliguy
[TT: photo? :) ]
 my idea, thank you! ;) 
  by ragne
 Ragne, we thought you were the kokopelliguy! 
  by TT
 haha i was checking on the tattoo and i ve seen the comments. :D if it were you Ragne asked the tattoo, thank you :D i wonder did you also get it done?  well basically i ve stole it but the tattoo still looks great. :D  
  by kokopelliguy
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Kokopelli tshirtKokopelli tshirtNative American traditional design
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