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Tattoo of Heramana


by GiErre »
2015, Oct 10th
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In this half sleeve and pec tattoo requested by Nicola the main elements, playing an important part in his life, are music and the warrior spirit.

In both cases, a tiki symbolizes protection: on the arm it creates a kokopelli playing djembe while on the pec it´s a warrior with outstretched tongue for defiance.

The head of the kokopelli incorporates a manta since music is beauty and it makes us free, while a Marquesan cross was incorporated into the djembe as a symbol of balance through good and hard times too (the paths of Kamehameha on its sides).

The difficulties symbolized by the paths of Kamehameha and by the moray eel leave space to waves (change) and to a koru (fresh start) bringing prosperity (the fish) thanks to voyages (the row of birds) and to his warrior spirit (spear heads).

The enata on one side represent friends who´ve always been there while the upside down enata in the past are enemies left behind.

More birds surround the pec part where a warrior mask with outstretched tongue represents the will to always face and win any challenge.

Waves surround the shoulder drawing a sun symbolizing the sea and the joy and success the sea brought him.
They encircle a turtle symbolizing family, always together (the braid motif enclosing the warrior always ready to protect it).

The element that joins present to future onto the pec is a hammerhead shark symbolizing tenacity and determination.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I live in Hawaii, purchased many Polynesian design books in the past, this one is the best so far... Love it! - Catana, Hawaii

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