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Owl tattoo photo
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Knowledge, magic

January 15th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Owl has undoubtedly always fascinated man´s fantasy.

Her ability of seeing in the dark of the night, the fact that her feathers allow her to fly absolutely noiselessly, are among the characteristics that make her so special.

To Greeks, the owl was the companion bird of Athena, goddess of knowledge, and told her everything Athena could not see from her blind side.

To Latins, she was the companion of witches and sourcerers, provided with magical powers.

To Native American she´s a mighty hunter, and they call her "night eagle" on account of this.

This design was requested by Paola.

One curiosity: the latin names of many owls begin with the word "stryx", which was later used for witches, and the Italian word for "witch" is now "strega", or "stria" in many dialects.

Owl moon t-shirtOwl moon t-shirtOwl blossoms by TattooTribes
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 beautiful. this is gonna go on my skin on my 17th birthday! :D 
  by j3nny
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Owl moon t-shirtOwl moon t-shirtOwl blossoms by TattooTribes
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