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Tattoo of Don

In memory

by GiErre »
2010, Jul 1st
HI-RES [jpg]
HI-RES [jpg]
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Divya requested this design to remember Don, a dog who donated many joyful moments to their family, also and especially through hard times, giving strength to the family and keeping them united.

The general shape recalls a sun because the sun is a symbol of eternity and joy, of positivity, and it is also often associated to lions, with Don being a shi-tzu, or "lion dog".

The outer circle is formed by mountains (stability) and the inner one is formed by stylized enatas (people) and is often used in this form to symbolize heaven.

The design in the middle, composed by several elements, shapes two main images, one formed by the black elements and one by the blank spaces.

Black elements reproduce Don: the two korus are the eyes (new life), the head of the hammerhead shark is the nose and the fins are the mouth.

The whiskers are formed by two flax plants (family, union) with the hammerhead shark symbolizing the strength and tenacity necessary for going through hard times and changes (the waves below).

The two elements on top, shaped like E, are tiki´s hands and give protection.

Finally, the blank spaces are shaped to recall a turtle, which is a symbol of family.

In the second version, the outer circles were changed with other elements forming a manta, a symbol of freedom and protection.

In memory of Don

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