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Ururoa tattoo photo
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White shark

January 9th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo prepared for Bryan mixes mainly Maori and Samoan styles and it was designed to integrate an existing half sleeve in the same style.
It represents the saying "Kia kaua e mate a-wheke, me mate ururoa", which means "Don´t die like the octopus, die instead like the white shark", as it fights to the very end for its life.

On this account from bottom to top we represented the voyage (the birds) faced by the warrior fighting and gaining his freedom (the manta on top).
The shark is the main element to symbolize the warrior together with other ones like the central spear heads, the centipede and a row of kena.

Family (the flax leaves with the 4 letters next to them) is protected by the manaia on the back of the arm while the row of enata on the other side represents other people in Bryan´s life, with a stylized rugby ball nearby.

Other symbols like the sun, coconut leaves, fish and fish hook symbolize prosperity and success.

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white shark manta manaia flax leaves rugby sun warrior kena spear heads fighter family protection success freedom knowledge Bryan

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