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African dream tattoo photo
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African dream
Courage, dream

May 13th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Vita requested an Africa-shaped tattoo with Maori fillings representing a facial mask (moko) and a shark.

We thought of drawing the mask of a thoughtful warrior, and the shark being like his dream.

Madagascar then becomes the warrior´s ear, with pierced earlobe.

African dream tshirtAfrican dream tshirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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africa warrior shark moko dream courage strength mask

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 Great mask design! If i didn´t have a tat on my deltoid i would have had this inked..: ) 
  by red
 I love all the tattoos on this site, but this one is particularly fantastic. Love the perspective, and the fact that he seems to be dreaming of the shark. Very beautiful. 
  by Subhangi
[TT: thank you so much!]
 I love this tattoo.I´m about to get my first tattoo and I wanted to get something relating to Africa and I saw this and I decided that this is the tattoo that I wanted..It´s so different and beautiful...I love it! 
  by Gihan
[TT: much honored, thank you!]
 This is one of the greatest ideas I have seen for a tattoo design. I admire this work. 
  by 776
[TT: thank you, so honored!]
 luv it!!! got one done similar to it amazin design 
  by Zee
[TT: thanks!]
 lovely....  will do it tomorrow 
  by shroif
 Ya really awesome tattoo,so awesome that it´s now on my neck.  Was lookin´ for one that would illustrate the fact that being an African descendant is important to me.  Had it inked on xmas day last year,1st tattoo..no regrets! 
  by AxL
[TT: Thanks for your words!]
 Being from South Africa now living abroad I wanted something to show where I was from. Where HOME is, so I decided to have this done. I put it on my calf muscle for a few reasons. Parts of this tattoo not only represent courage but family, and so on, and the placement was ket for me also. I love it. 
  by Ross.
[TT: don´t forget to send us a pic!]
  by damrock
 My first ever tattoo and it has been two years since. I still love it!! The guy that did it, admired the image and had never seen it before then. Great design. Well done! 
  by Jessie_Chan
[TT: thank you, we appreciate it!]
 From my heart I love this tat its on my back with uv light I'm greatfull to have this apart of my life  
  by Dread gray
[TT: thank you for your kind words! Send us a photo, UV light must look cool!]
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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African dream tshirtAfrican dream tshirtTribal design by TattooTribes
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