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Faehau tattoo photo
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October 15th, 2019
  Author: GiErre

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This armband tattoo for the forearm was prepared for Carlo and its main composing elements are a wave, a turtle, a lizard and a manta.

The turtle (family, central and protected by the tiki on the front flippers) includes a stylized parachute on the shell, while the African symbol akoben nearby symbolizes valiance.
The stones at the base are things achieved and learnt, spearheads symbolize the warrior and the row of enata on top shows his fellow fighters, always present.

The manta, symbolizing freedom, has a canoe nearby for adventure and it integrates in the center a stylized compass for direction.

The lizard is for good luck and health, fish for prosperity and shark teeth for protection, adaptability and tenacity.

Compass turtle t-shirtCompass turtle t-shirtTurtle design by TattooTribes
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band turtle lizard manta tiki parachute compass canoe akoben wave sea missions africa soldier comrades family protection Carlo

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Compass turtle t-shirtCompass turtle t-shirtTurtle design by TattooTribes
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